Push-ups are one of the most classic training moves in the world! It can well train our upper limb muscles (pectoralis, deltoid, anterior bundle, triceps) and is also a great core strength training activity. In the action, you need to use the core muscles to maintain the stability and neutrality of the spine and pelvis!

But push-ups have a very obvious disadvantage in that they are not strong enough to fight their weight. For most fitness men, they can do many times.

The resistance band is a very easy-to-use fitness gadget, which is convenient, affordable, and easy to store

1. Push-ups with resistance bands can help you improve your training intensity. At the same time, the resistance provided by resistance bands is a kind of variable resistance!

Generally speaking, the most difficult point of push-ups is the position where you get up at the bottom! (difficult points)

The resistance band is at the bottom of the action, and the load is the smallest. With the support of the body, the resistance of the elastic belt is increasing! This helps you overcome this "sticking point". Then, when you break through this point, the tension (resistance) of the resistance band also begins to increase, which is expected to achieve the best efficiency of muscle training.

2. At the same time, resistance band push-ups will challenge your centrifugal control! The unique resistance of the resistance band will produce greater "centrifugal speed", which forces you to use more force to lower your body slowly and stably. This is also the reason for the increase in explosive force and muscle strength.


select an elastic belt with appropriate resistance! Then wrap your hands around your back. Be careful not to be too tight when winding!

After wrapping, start push-ups, just like traditional push-ups! Keep the arm and trunk at about 45 degrees, don't abduct too much, and tighten the core muscles to form a straight line (no hunchback, no waist collapse, no ass lifting)!

There is a key point to remember in the action: the resistance of the elastic belt will accelerate the centrifugal speed, so the centrifugal stage must be controlled, slow down, and don't fall freely!

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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