Have you ever been lying on a bench trying to convince yourself to go to the gym? Then when you finally convince yourself, there are other things to do. Although you feel guilty, you will still repeat the cycle. Now you see this article, you have a chance to change! It will tell you how to motivate yourself and keep it for a long time.

Inspire your ideas

1. Find out why.

Everyone has his own reason. What's yours? Do you want to be sexy (healthy)? Do you want to accompany your grandchildren until they are 20? Do you want to wear the jeans of five years ago? Do you want to have an affair at work? What is your reason? Find it and pay attention to it!
You know how things are. Out of sight means out of mind. So keep reminding yourself of this reason so that you won't ignore it and get lazy. Getting what you want is the simplest thing. People are always best at doing what they want to do, so it's easy to combine motivation and action.

2. Convince yourself.

Maybe you will tell yourself that "I should work out now. If I don't, I will never be healthy." this sentence has many hidden obstacles. First, what "should" do makes things seem like obligations and boring. You'll also think about the consequences if you don't exercise. In other words, you're actually intimidating yourself. So it's not surprising that you are full of resistance. Think about the positive results of exercise!
It's important to think positively. Instead of thinking "God, what will happen if I don't exercise", think about how I will get better if I exercise, so exercise well tomorrow. If you always think about the negative aspects, it will become very difficult to motivate yourself.

3. Set goals for yourself.

Any goal can be the ultimate goal when not needed. If you want to exercise twice a week, set goals twice a week and reward yourself when you reach your goals! If you want to run 10K a week, target it. Small goals seem easier to achieve and will make you work harder.
Participating in a charity walk or run will encourage you to train. Once you've set a date, you'll have exercise goals in mind. The sense of achievement after reaching your goal will encourage you to complete the next one.

4. Reward yourself.

If there is nothing after reaching the goal, what is the meaning of the goal? Why don't you reward yourself! Similarly, rewards don't need to reach the final goal to be given. Giving yourself a reward from time to time can better adhere to it.
Give yourself a reward for every module, every week, every pound you lose, or every task you complete. This is brain training. When you see the reward after hard work, you have the motivation to stick to it!
Another way is to punish yourself. If you don't exercise, donate 50 yuan to a charity or call your cousin who has hardly spoken to you. Then you will be afraid of not completing!

5.Don't be too hard on yourself.

You are not lazy, but the task itself is too difficult. A person who runs 5K every day but doesn't get the energy he deserves is far less energetic than a person who exercises less every day. So there's no need to label yourself. You're just beginning.
When you fall, realize that this is normal, and everyone will. Setbacks are not important, but efforts after setbacks are important. Small failures can happen at any time. Just relax. You'll stand up and continue!

6.Hypnotize yourself.

Hypnosis is actually a kind of high concentration. Your brain has a high ability to accept everything. The "best me" technology is a kind of hypnosis, or self suggestion, which allows you to experience the sense of achievement to achieve your goals in advance.
Only if you believe it works will it really work. If you doubt, don't waste your time and use some more practical methods.

Motivate your behavior

1. Eat healthy.

If you really want to go on a diet, you'll open an article about dieting. But in fact, things are interrelated. If you eat healthily, you will be healthier. When you feel healthier, you will be more willing to exercise.
In addition to eating healthy, but also eat breakfast! This will not only keep you active all day, but also help you control your weight and be stronger. Oh, and remember to drink more water!

2. Buy new equipment.

Spending money without seeing the effect is a very bad feeling. So when you spend three times as much money on shoes, pants and other equipment, you use it. So go out and buy new equipment! Maybe some of you gnash your teeth when you buy it and go to the gym happily!
However, this is useless if you stuff your equipment into your bag or put it in the trunk. Buy it and put it outside, on your wardrobe or bed, as long as you can see it. Constant reminders will make you remember to exercise.

3. Turn sedentary and useless activities into productive activities.

Every time you want to sit down and watch TV, go to the library, so that when you do boring things, you will consciously go to fitness!
Do you often get lazy and do things you don't really want to do? Always! Everyone is, so the next time you find yourself unhappy, you don't have to go to the gym, go for a walk, wash the dishes and tidy up the garage. Just do something else and you'll feel much better.

4. Do half of it first.

If you want to go to the gym but don't move, just drive to the gym. Tell yourself if you still don't want to work out, go home. Miraculously, once you get to the gym, you don't want to drive home. Then let yourself go for a ten minute walk, even if you had more plans. Just tell yourself to do a little more and it will make things much easier. Soon your laziness was overcome.
If your exercise mode includes outdoor, the first step is to dress well and go outside. The second step is to start walking. You will find that once you get dressed and start walking, exercise is not so difficult.

5. Be responsible for yourself.

Even if we are our own critics, we are also our own worst driving force. We decided one thing on Monday and another on Tuesday. That's why we need others to force us to be responsible. Telling your family, friends or colleagues about your plan and knowing that the problem is coming will make you very motivated to exercise!
Write a diary. If you've told everyone your plan, great! It's time for you to record your progress. You will want accurate numbers to tell you and the world your grades. This diary can be printed, on a computer, or on a blog.

6. Read magazines, blogs and stories of winners.

Although you may be jealous, you will be surprised. Reading the book at hand may be the motivation you need. This will keep your brain alive and what you can do. At the same time, you can also learn from reading and get more knowledge.

Reading other people's success stories will make you think "she can do it, so can I!" if you see that these ordinary people can succeed through efforts, you are the next!

7. Turn off everything else.

In today's world, you will feel uncomfortable without modern technology. How long has it been since you left your cell phone? Maybe in the shower? So turn off the phone! Turn off all electronic devices! What else can we do? Go to the gym!
This includes television, telephone, computer, all modern technology. If you don't want to go when it's time to exercise, cut off contact with the outside world. Don't let yourself use these things. Then you'll find it too boring to go to the gym.

8. With motivated people.

The world is full of people who want you to fail. These people are unhappy, insecure and bored. Get away from them! You know who they are. They will make the process difficult. They don't deserve your attention.
Fitness is so common that you are on a diet without fitness. No one is satisfied with their appearance or health. Take this as your advantage! You have many, many people who experience the same things, so start them to work out together! It will be much easier to support each other.

9. Cash for weight.

A 2007 survey showed that the more money you pay people to lose weight, the more motivated they are. That sounds scientific, doesn't it? If someone doesn't want you to lose weight, let them give you money if you succeed! Usually they shut up.
If your boss is confident, they may also reward employees who refuel, exercise and lose weight.

Inspire your daily life

1. Start doing it for a few hours now.

Go to the gym, or tidy up your jogging shoes, or do other things that seem like a lot of work. Is it easy to do ten push ups? But it's enough to make your heart beat faster and make you feel that exercise isn't that bad.
It's a bad thing that exercise takes a lot of time. From getting ready, starting, exercising, bathing and going home, and then returning to daily life, time slipped away unconsciously. But small things can be very effective. So don't ignore them just because you don't sweat.

2. Make things more enjoyable.

If someone gives you a book that doesn't interest you at all, you may look at the cover and never open it again. So if you want your brain and body to move, don't expect any difference. Do something you like so that you can hold on to the end.
This may adjust your view of exercise. Exercise is something that makes you move. You don't need to run along the sidewalk or hire a personal trainer. Swimming, walking in the park or dancing are valuable as long as you like!

3. Make things happen.

If someone gave you an obscure Latin Bible, what would you do? You may be curious at first, but you'll soon throw it aside. So if you want to exercise, you can't be greedy. Start with the small things you can do.
Sitting on the sofa on Sunday claims that it's easy to run 4km every day, but you may give up after a few days. So it's better to run 20 minutes a day, walk a kilometer, and then add it slowly. If it is achievable, you will do it, and always do it.

4. Make exercise convenient.

Your favorite author has just written a new novel, but it is only available in the store in the other corner of the city, and it is only available from 1:30 to 2:00 on Wednesday afternoon. There is no parking lot! Will you buy it? Probably not. The same goes for exercise. If it's inconvenient, it won't happen. So choose an exercise activity that won't disrupt your normal schedule.
Choose a gym reasonably. Even if the best one is 30 minutes away, you'd better choose the one on the way. Otherwise, the planned way home will be disrupted. If it's on the way, you have no reason to escape.

5. Find a little partner.

This is similar to making you responsible for yourself. When others rely on you, you feel guilty for letting them down. You know at least one person who is exercising, so there are always resources.
Well, even if you can't find a partner at your level, join a class or find a coach. This will increase the cost and make you feel guilty about wasting money.

6. Take a quick, short workout.

Eliminate the excuse that I don't have time and spend a few minutes mobilizing my muscles. Exercise is not effective because it takes a long time.
Interval training. If your training program is intensive, interval training is very useful. High intensity interval training is a good way to lose weight. You just need to train and rest. The simplest is to devote 30 seconds to training and then rest for 20 seconds. This is a good way for you to lose weight.

7. Switch.

If you have been walking in the same park for a long time in a week, or even half a year, you may find your current plan a little boring and don't want to continue. What a good problem to solve! Do something new! New activities will keep your brain running.
If you like to stick to a sport that doesn't need to lose weight and don't need to go to the gym, don't try to combine the two. If you run, try running in different places, or a new distance. You can also change your goals and tools. As long as you let the body face a new environment, the brain will continue to think and remain active.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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