In the body-building equipment, the foam roller is a famous equipment. Of course, the use and function of the foam roller are many, but many people still don't know how to use the foam roller, and how to use the foam roller, I believe some people still understand it. So, how does the fitness foam roller work most correctly? Now let's look at the foam roller.

How to use the fitness foam roller correctly?

How to use foam roller?

When the body feels sore, the foam roller can be used directly, the overall relaxation time is about 15 minutes, and the body pressure is used to roll on the foam roller, thereby helping the muscles relax.

1. Back

Bend your legs, lay the foam roller on your back, hold your head in your hands, and tighten your legs slightly to move your body back and forth, so that the foam roller rolls back and forth over the upper back and shoulder joints.

2. Hips

Cross your legs and sit on the foam roller, arm support, abdomen tighten the supporting leg and hand force to drive the body to move, so that the foam roller will roll back and forth in the buttocks.

3. Front thigh(quadriceps femoris)

Plate support, put the foam shaft on the front side of thigh, and the shoulder joint pushes the body up and down, forcing the foam roller to roll back and forth between the knee joint and the hip joint.

4.Medial thigh muscle group

Elbow support, single leg outreach prone, the foam roller placed under the inside of the thigh, the side leg force to drive the body to move around, so that the foam roller in the thigh inside the area rolling back and forth.

Matters needing attention in foam roller

To find the tangled pain point, you can use the method of "fixed-point pressing" and fixing it on the roller for a period of time to stretch the muscle fascia and muscles. Wait until it is relaxed and try to extend the rolling range. This will be more helpful than just rolling back and forth but can't solve things

The use of foam roller is not very difficult. If used properly and combined with correct exercise mode, it can improve muscle extension, improve body function and solve muscle tension.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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