TRX, the legendary origin of the Navy SEALs, the full English name of Total Resistance Exercise, literally translated as "full body resistance training". It's actually a suspension training system.

Different from general weight-bearing training, TRX is a kind of training against one's own weight. It can effectively improve the trainer's strength level, balance ability and coordination, and it is also helpful for the improvement of core stability.

The biggest advantage of TRX is that it is small and portable, and it has almost no requirements for training venues. Trainers can complete a set of training at home, dormitory or hotel without leaving home. You only need a door to fix TRX, let's teach you how to fix TRX on the door first.

fitness strap training suspension system


Attach the anchor buckle to the TRX strap, then place it on top of the door seam and clamp it, lock the door lock and start training. If you're in a dorm, it's even easier, just wrap the TRX around the railing next to the bed.

Here are some TRX training moves. What I want to remind everyone in advance is that all the following training actions require that the TRX rope must be tightened at all times. If the rope is loose, it will be meaningless!

lower limbs

1. Squat jump


This action adds jumps on the basis of squatting, which not only stimulates the glutes and leg muscles, but also helps to improve the cardiorespiratory level.

It should be noted that after falling, flex the hips and knees for buffering, the movements should be consistent, and there should be no broken joints in the middle. One more reminder, all squat movements must ensure that the back is straight and the knees are facing the toes.

2. Pistol Single Leg Squat

 All single-leg squat movements have a good exercise for the stability of the knee and ankle joints, but this movement has a large knee flexion and a small hip flexion, so it stimulates the front thigh muscles more and affects the buttocks. The muscle groups are relatively less stimulated.

3. Lunge Single Leg Squat

 Compared with the pistol single-leg squat, this action has a larger hip flexion range and a smaller knee flexion range, so it will stimulate the hips better. If you want to practice your hips, you can choose this action.

4. Stepped single leg squat

5. Side Squat

The side squat is not only good for stimulating the front of the thigh and buttocks, but also has a good training effect on the muscles of the inner thigh. It is necessary to pay attention to keep the back straight when squatting, and the knee on the side of the squat. towards the toes.

6. High leg run

upper limbs

1. Bicep curl


If you want a thicker arm circumference, the bicep curl is a must-do action. This action is still to keep the body in a straight line. If you want to increase the difficulty of training, just make the angle between the body and the ground smaller.

2. Arm flexion and extension

Strong arms can not only train the front of the forearm, but also the triceps on the back of the forearm. Arm flexion and extension is a very classic triceps training exercise.

There are two versions here, the lunge version is relatively simple and suitable for beginners. Of course, you can choose the harder version if you're confident in your strength.

3. Boating

 Rowing movements are classic back training movements. If you have strong back strength, you can improve the hunchback problem very well, so that your body will be taller and straighter.

When doing this action, you should pay attention to the whole body in a straight line. You can't slump your waist or push your butt. The smaller the angle between the body and the ground, the more difficult it is to do.

4. Push-ups

Push-ups are a classic freehand exercise that not only works your chest well, but also works your core well. You can do push-ups with ease on the ground, but not so much on a TRX.

The TRX rope is active, which requires higher core stability for trainers. Therefore, beginners recommend choosing the simple version of lunges. After the strength is improved, the core stability is better, and then choose the difficult version.

5. Chest clip


The action of clipping the chest is very helpful for shaping the middle seam of the pectoralis major, and it is also one of the classic chest training actions. Novices are advised to opt for the simpler version of the lunge.

core class

1. Mountaineering run

If you want eight pack abs, mountaineering running is an essential training exercise. Unlike traditional abdominal crunches, mountaineering running is also a good exercise for the heart and lungs due to the need to quickly and alternately raise the knees.

2. Prone down V

When the abdominal strength is strong enough, we can try to reverse the V shape, try to raise the buttocks up, and experience the feeling of the abdomen being squeezed.

3. Prone side knee raise

The above two actions are mainly aimed at the training of the rectus abdominis , which is what we call the eight-pack abs, and this action is more inclined to stimulate the internal and external oblique muscles, so if you want to have a perfect mermaid line , this action is essential. few.

4. Plank support

 suspension trainer system

The core does not just refer to the eight-pack abs, the human body removes the limbs and head, and the entire torso that remains can be called the core.

Strictly speaking, the function of the core is to maintain the stability of the body. Actions such as plank support and side support that provide an unstable state are the real core training.

5. Side support

suspension training at home


The classic core training movement will be more difficult to put on TRX. If you are a novice and cannot do a perfect side support on the ground (the elbow is directly under the shoulder, the whole person is in a straight line from head to toe), then it is recommended Don't do this first, go to the plank first.

The above are some basic TRX training movements. We can select 5-6 movements to do a circuit training. Each movement lasts for 30s and rests for 20s. All movements are done once and counted as a group, and a total of 4-5 groups are completed. Rest for about 1 minute.

Okay, the movements are learned, and the plan is there, the rest is to keep practicing, come on!

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