In the fitness circle, the mainstream sports products have never been inconspicuous small equipment such as grips and wrist balls. Although they have been ignored, on the contrary, these sports items are just the best choice for home fitness equipment. This article explains in detail the use and selection of grips in the following aspects. If you are interested, you can like and collect them.

  • Types of hand grip strengthener
  • What are the benefits of using a gripper
  • How to choose the right hand grip strengthener
  • High cost-effective grip strength recommendation
  • Correct training of grips

1. The types of hand grip strengthener

For hand gripper, most people still stay in the traditional A-line grips. In recent years, in addition to the most common A-type grips, many other types of grips have appeared, such as grip rings, grip balls, adjustable grips. R-type grips, etc., so as to achieve more innovative exercise methods, achieve better exercise effects, and have more options.

hand grip strengthener

Adjustable Resistance 40-100 LBS Aluminum Hand Gripper

Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit

Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit

2. What are the benefits of using a gripper?

The most obvious effect of the gripper is to increase the arm muscle line, adding a manly masculinity, and insisting on using the gripper has the following benefits.

The grip arm can be used upwards. In addition to strengthening the strength of the hands, it has a certain effect on exercising the abdomen and even thin abdomen.

Grip strength equipment can adjust the physiological functions of various organs in the body, relax the muscles and collaterals, and enhance personal physique

Teenagers have a certain effect in promoting the growth and development of skeletal muscles, and can achieve a greater effect with other exercise methods

Of course, all of this can be achieved under the conditions of correct use and long-term adherence. I have to admit that the small and light design of the grip is very convenient to carry around, so the grip has gradually become a fitness tool. Necessary small equipment, deep into each family, how to choose a suitable grip?

Hand Grip Strengthener

3. How to choose the right hand gripper

Choice of species

  • More convenient to carry: grip ball, grip ring
  • Adjustable strength: R-type grip

Material selection

Different types of hand gripper have different designs and use different materials

  • Handle material: There are mainly stainless steel handles, aluminum handles and engineering plastics, etc. Plastics are too hard (SBS is better than PVC), and silicone is easy to wear (nano silicone is more tough than food-grade silicone), so stainless steel handles are the most suitable. With a knurled design, in addition to anti-slip, it also has a better feel and experience. Another major advantage is that it will not rust or break.
  • Spring material: There are mainly stainless steel and stainless steel. Compared with the stainless steel spring, stainless steel has the characteristics of strong wear resistance and no rust, and has a long service life.

Choice of strength

Whether it is exercising the palm, fingers, or arms, the maximum strength suitable for different people is different. You can choose one that can be adjusted within a certain range and gradually increase the grip strength. You must not be eager for quick success. Usually rehabilitation training/novice strength: 10kg, ordinary high school students : 20kg, adult men: 40kg

4. Hand gripper recommendation

FitBeast large grip resistance(120lbs-180lbs/54-81kg) hand strengthener for grip training.

Large Grip Resistance(120lbs-180lbs/54-81kg) Hand Strengthener for Grip Training

Large Grip Resistance(120lbs-180lbs/54-81kg) Hand Strengthener For Grip Training

FitBeast hand gripper offer different strength levels to choose.

Adjustable strength from 120lbs to 180lbs, it doesn’t matter if you are a writer, musician, athlete, or baseball player; it works well for you.

Ergonomic Design for Different People.

High-quality material, diamond surface, NBR gloves, and easy adjustable methods promise the grip strength trainer will be a satisfactory experience.

5. The correct training method of the hand gripper

Like all equipment, it is necessary to have the correct training method to achieve the desired effect. When using the grip, you should pay attention to the following points

At the beginning, 1 set at a time, 1 set of 10, and then gradually increase the number of sets.

The hand grip strengthener should be in a fully closed state, that is, the two handles can touch

Use slowly instead of opening and closing quickly, which can easily lead to muscle damage

Choose the right weight according to your personal situation.


August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary

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