I have had pain on the outside of my elbow joint for half a year, and I can't even lift the pot or twist the towel when cooking. What's going on?

At this point you need to pay attention, you are most likely suffering from "tennis elbow".

Tennis elbow is not only for people who play tennis, some housewives, hairdressers, computer operators, piano players, violinists, typists, construction workers, masons, masons, fitters, etc. may suffer from this disease.

Why do you get tennis elbow?

"Tennis elbow" is medically known as "lateral epicondylitis". The muscles of the arm responsible for extending the elbow are used repeatedly and intensely for a long time, and the continuous contraction and pulling will cause different degrees of acute or chronic accumulated damage to the attachments of these tendons. Bacterial inflammatory response.


Therefore, tennis elbow usually occurs in people who often rotate the forearm and straighten the elbow and wrist joint, and is closely related to professional movements.

When tennis elbow patients hold heavy objects or hold objects with force, such as holding a shovel, carrying a water bottle, twisting a towel and other daily housework, the pain will be aggravated, and even when holding chopsticks and straight fingers will have obvious pain.



How is tennis elbow treated?

1 Acute phase:

At this time, the outside of the elbow joint appears red, swollen, hot, and painful.

Limit movement: Reduce elbow movement and try not to do any movements that cause pain.

Ice compress: wrap ice cubes in a towel and place on the outside of the elbow, 4-6 times a day, 10-20 minutes each time. Avoid direct contact with the skin to avoid frostbite.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: play a role in reducing inflammation and pain

Protective gear: Use a protective gear on the forearm to limit movement

2 After the acute phase:

At this point the inflammation gradually subsides, the injured tendon begins to repair, and the pain gradually decreases.

Physiotherapy: Ultrasound Therapy, Hyperthermia, etc.

Manipulative therapy: such as manual massage of affected limbs, etc.

Rehabilitation exercise: When tendons are repaired, scar tissue will appear, which can affect joint flexibility and muscle contraction control after rehabilitation. At this point, appropriate rehabilitation exercises should be started.


(1) Pulling exercises

The elbow is straight, the forearm is supinated, the wrist is extremely flexed, and the lateral epicondyle of the humerus is stretched or even slightly painful.


Tennis elbow pain for half a year


(2) Pinch the ball

Grasp a tennis ball or rubber ring with the affected hand to improve palm and finger strength and promote blood circulation. 20 times as a group, 3 groups each time, 2 times a day.


Tennis elbow pain for half a year


(3) Rubber band exercises

Put a rubber band on the five fingers on the affected side, and spread the rubber band out of the five fingers. 20 times as a group, three groups each time, practice twice a day.


Tennis elbow pain for half a year


(4) Forearm rotation exercises

After making a fist, spread the affected arm out to the outside of the body, turning from the back of the hand to the palm of the hand. 20 times as a group, 3 groups each time, 2 times a day.


Tennis elbow pain for half a year


(5) Wrist flexion exercises

Sitting position, the elbow and forearm are flat on the thigh, the wrist is out of the knee, the palm is facing up, and the fist is lightly clenched to the greatest extent possible to complete the wrist flexion angle. You can also hold a small dumbbell or mineral water for practice. 15 times as a group, 3 groups each time, 2 times a day.


Tennis elbow pain for half a year


Generally, most of the symptoms of tennis elbow will be improved after these kinds of treatments. If the effect is still not good, you can also try the following methods:

PRP treatment

The specific method of PRP: extract 100ml of the patient's own plasma, obtain PRP after centrifugation, and then inject it into the insertion point of the extensor tendon. It can promote the proliferation of tendon stem cells and the repair of tendon injuries, while suppressing pain. (Arthritis? Tendinopathy? Take out the "microcosm" in your body and kill it!)


Surgical removal of scarred tissue from the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle. These include incisional debridement repair or simple debridement, percutaneous decompression, and arthroscopic debridement.



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