During fitness training, we often use some equipment to achieve the purpose of training. The most common is dumbbell. In fact, there is another fitness equipment that many people will use during training, that is medicine ball. Compared with dumbbells, medicine ball training is more interesting. With its assistance, it can exercise many body parts, especially core training, and the effect is also very good. Today, let's take a look at the core training actions of medicine ball.

Classic action 1: squat up and throw the ball

When exercising the core, we often use medicine balls to lift the ball and hit the wall. First of all, we should choose a requirement of light weight, which is convenient for us to throw up and has higher safety. Then, find a strong place for training. Put the medicine ball on the ground, then do a squat, pick up the medicine ball according to the situation, get up and hit it on the wall, then catch the medicine ball and continue to squat, get up and throw the ball. Practice repeatedly and be careful not to hit yourself.

Classic action 2: smashing the wall and running sideways

When doing core training with medicine ball, we can also exercise our coordination well. For example, smashing the wall and running side by side can not only exercise our whole body muscles, but also improve our body's flexibility. Smashing the wall and running side by side is very simple, that is, holding a medicine ball to smash the wall and running while smashing. In order to better train, we should control the speed of the action. The rhythm is very important. We should also design it well while running. We can just catch the ball. Each training lasts for 40 seconds, and the effect is the best.

Classic action 3: lift the ball and hit the wall

For those who are just beginning to exercise with medicine balls, they can first practice the action of lifting the ball and hitting the wall. In the process of smashing the wall, the legs are constantly changing alternately, which can help us make better efforts and the training effect is more balanced. When lifting the ball to hit the wall, train in a relatively open place. Remember to lift the medicine ball over your head, control your speed and don't hurt yourself.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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