The top 5 golden moves for hip training

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1. The function of the main muscles of the buttocks

2. Top 5 golden actions

3. Hip stretch

No matter if you want to pursue your dream buttocks, or if you want to perform better, run faster, jump higher, squat harder, you have to train our buttocks-【Glutes】

1. Main muscles of the buttocks

hip training


What does the buttocks (gluteus maximus) look like. There are many connection places, including the "iliac bone" of the pelvis, the "sacral/coccygeal vertebrae" and the "sciatic ligament" below the back. The muscles go laterally and downward, and 80% of the muscles are connected to the "iliotibial band".

√The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in our hip joint

√The most powerful muscle is to straighten the hip back and turn it outward

√ The most commonly used movements are: the body torso is maintained in alignment, and the hip joint is flexed about 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

hip flexor training

The following study is cited from the literature: A literature review of evaluating studies gluteus maximus and gluteus medius activation during rehabilitation exercises

2. Top 5 Golden Actions for hip training

hip flexor weight training

5th: One-leg squat

One-leg squat

4th place: Single- leg deadlift

Single- leg deadlift

3rd place: Squat against the wall

Squat against the wall

Squat against the wall

2nd place: Reverse step

 1st place: step


As for the common glute bridge, deadlift, and squat, as shown in the figure below, the gluteus maximus is used, but not mainly.

And due to differences in skeletal muscles, proprioception, etc., the angle is different by 10°, and the force is different.

Glute bridge
Glute bridge
Glute bridge


As for you, in practice, why sports rehabilitation therapists or coaches do not use the best movements, perhaps because of exertion, individual differences, feelings, etc., I do not fully understand and do not make comments.

In terms of personal choice, provided the data, the facts speak, please choose the one that suits you.

3. Stretching action

hinge training

hip dips training

strength training for hips



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