Chest + Core: TRX push-ups!

Push-ups are the most common exercise on earth! In addition to developing upper limb muscle strength (chest, shoulder, and three heads), push-ups can also develop your core strength! You need to use your core muscles against gravity to stabilize your body and keep your spine and pelvis neutral

Because it is an unarmed action, we can easily operate it at any time and place! Push-ups have become one of the most cost-effective moves!

At the same time, there are many changes in push-ups. We can use different postures, different holding distances, and different auxiliary instruments to change the focus of the action.

Benefits of TRX: use suspension to provide unstable factors and increase the challenge of the core muscle group! Let you develop stronger core strength while exercising upper limb muscle strength!

How to do?

1. Select a TRX or lifting ring, put both feet into a leather rope, and support the body with both hands the same width as the shoulder to present the push-up preparation position.

2. Tighten the hips and abdomen, stabilize the body, then slowly bend the elbows and lower the body, feel the chest stretch slowly until the chest is almost touching the ground, and then maintain the tension!

3. Stretch your body with the contraction of the three heads of your chest muscles and stay at the top of the action for a second! Then move on!


Like traditional push-ups, keep your shoulders sinking and shoulder abduction angle should not be too large! About 40 degrees is recommended!

In the process, always keep the spine and pelvis in the correct position. Remember not to collapse your waist and hunch. You can put a ball on your back to monitor your joint arrangement!

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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