The glutes of NBA stars are strong enough to show full explosiveness; the shape of supermodels' hips is very lethal. So how do supermodels and NBA players develop their glutes? Each action stimulates the gluteal muscles to be large or small, and the most efficient gluteal muscle action must be selected to achieve a multiplier effect.

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If you want to train your glutes, you don’t actually need too much equipment. In the research shared today, scientists have summed up the top three best bodyweight glutes training exercises. Students who want to train their buttocks and reduce sports injuries remember to collect and pay attention.

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The rule of gluteal muscle action ranking is to install EMG on the gluteal muscle, and actually measure the force for ranking. Before publishing the results, let's understand the function and relationship of the gluteal muscles.

Glute difference

First, the gluteus muscles are divided into two parts, the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius. The gluteus maximus and gluteus medius have completely different functions and mistakes.


The function and training of the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius are easy to go wrong?

The function of the gluteus maximus is to straighten the hips, and the weakness of the gluteus maximus is that the beginner's waist feels force to compensate, and the waist feels sore when doing the glute bridge. The improvement method is to keep the core tight and focus on the hip push.

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The function of the gluteus medius is to abduct and externally rotate the thigh. It is difficult for beginners to find a sense of force, causing the knee to buckle inward. The so-called knee buckle is the angle formed between the thigh and the calf. The improvement method is to first learn the activation of the gluteus medius. The specific method is to clamp the buttocks in the middle and rotate the thighs outward, just like twisting a water bottle. Keep it for three to four times. Relax for a few seconds.

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The order of training is: first train the gluteus medius, because it plays a role in basic stability, and can also reduce the problem of false hip width; then train the gluteus maximus, which plays a role in producing a push and kick movement, and can also reduce the problem of false hip width. Flat hip problem. So which movement is to train the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus? Below we list the leaderboards

What is the best exercise to stimulate the gluteus medius?

The gluteus medius exercise ranking was first announced. Scientists experimented with side bridges, climbing steps, unilateral pelvic drop, side lunges, and clam poses, and finally found that the champion was the most unknown one.

What are the best glute exercises?

You must not think that the best action to stimulate the gluteus medius is the side bridge, which seems to focus on the core muscle group.

glute exercises


The side bridge has the greatest stimulation efficiency on the gluteus medius, using 70% of the glute force; compared to the last-place plank, it only uses 20%.

The main action of the side bridge is to tighten the buttocks, keep the body in a straight line, and feel the force of the buttocks and core muscles. The step-down movement is to bend the knees, and the advanced movement is to lift the upper leg, which will stimulate the gluteus medius of both legs. The advanced movements can also be done from easy to difficult, including bending the knees with both legs, bending one leg, and straightening the legs and opening the knees.

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What is the best exercise to stimulate the gluteus maximus?

Scientists still test numerous hip exercises, such as the one-leg glute bridge, side lunges, reverse lunges, planks, and more.

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The final result found that the champion was up the stairs.

glute exercises

This action requires the full participation of the gluteus maximus, which can utilize more than 70% of the hip force. Compared to the last plank, only 10% of the glutes are used. The details of this action are to keep the knees stable, use the hips to push the hips up the steps, and feel the force of the hips in the process.

Who is the second or third best glute training?

The second and third movements of the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus muscles are actually the same:

Second place is single leg squat.

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Third place is the single leg deadlift

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Because these two movements are single-leg movements, they naturally have higher requirements on the gluteus medius in order to maintain a horizontal state of the pelvis. And because both movements have the requirement of firming the hips, the stimulation of the gluteus maximus is also very good.

For beginners, students who can't do single-leg movements can start with the glute bridge:

glute bridge

The details of the action are to clip the buttocks and push the buttocks up. Doing the double-leg glute bridge first and then the single-leg glute bridge can stimulate the deep glute medius more.


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