What are the advantages and disadvantages of different gym water bottle materials?

gym water bottle
1. Plastic gym water bottle

Plastic has the advantages of being lightweight, slow heat conduction, no hot water, and low price. The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant, and there will be harmful substances if the material is unqualified.

2. Stainless steel gym water bottle

It has the advantages of firmness, no harmful substances, no harm to people, and heat resistance. The disadvantage is that the single-layer heat conduction is fast and not wear-resistant, the double-layer has high requirements for machining accuracy, vacuum insulation, and high price.

3. Aluminum gym water bottle

Aluminum products have the advantages of a lightweight and fashionable appearance. The disadvantage is that the heat conduction is too fast to take hot water, and the aluminum products are too soft and easy to bump into pits. Excessive aluminum intake will cause harm to the human body.

8 tricks to make it easy for you to clean the gym water bottle

1. Warm water and detergent

Use warm water and detergent to clean. Any general detergent and detergent can be used.

2. Brush with a brush

Most kettles have small openings, so use a long handle brush like a bottle brush to brush to the inside and bottom. Brushing with a brush will make it easier to remove the sticky residue and mold in the kettle. It can't be washed off only by flushing.

3. Do not use a vegetable melon cloth

Generally, the green vegetable melon cloth for washing dishes will scratch the kettle, but it is easier to hide dirt.

4. The cover should be washed

When drinking water, the liquid must pass through the suction nozzle, so don't forget to clean it; It is recommended to put some detergent in the kettle, and then press the kettle to let the detergent flow out of the suction nozzle.

5. Wash it every time you use it

Just as you wash the glass every time you use it, so should the bicycle kettle. Even if you only drink water, you may leave residue at the suction nozzle of the kettle because of sweating or eating, which is easy to get moldy, so you should flush the water at least once a time.

6. No strong Lotion

If you feel the need for stronger washing, such as bleach, the kettle can almost be thrown into the recycling bin. And if it is not washed clean, it may pollute the kettle.

7. Throw it when you should

Despite regular flushing, the kettle will inevitably hide dirt after a long time of use. If the visual inspection shows that the internal dirt is not easy to remove, it is almost time to replace the kettle.

8. Let the moisture dry

After washing each time, remember to open the cover and put it upside down to let the water dry naturally to avoid mold breeding. Never put the lid on the bottle before it is dry.

Key requirements of gym water bottle

1. No leakage

No leakage includes two meanings: one is firmness and the other is safety. The wild environment is bad, and bumps are difficult to avoid. If the kettle is not strong enough, for example, its opening is not tightly closed, it will not only lose the precious drinking water in the wild but also wet the clothes, instruments, and other items.

2. Portable

There are many cases of using water bottles outdoors, sometimes on bicycles and sometimes on rock walls, which puts forward requirements for the portability of water bottles. Some containers made of soft materials, such as water bags and leather kettles, have irreplaceable advantages. Their volume and shape can be changed according to needs, which is undoubtedly the gospel of your overloaded backpack.

3. Designed for special use scenarios

There are great differences between the outdoor environment and a wide variety of outdoor sports. When only one hand can be freed to drink water, the design of a bottle mouth that can be opened and closed with one hand or with teeth is particularly important. When there are a large number of people and the need for camping and picnic, a collapsible bucket will effectively meet the water needs of the camp. In bad conditions such as high altitude or polar regions, an insulated kettle that ensures that your water does not freeze will keep you from worrying.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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