For women who don't exercise regularly, many of them can't even do a push-up. And men, whether they usually exercise or not, can generally do a few push-ups, and the standard of action is another matter.

Which is harder, push-ups or pull-ups?


Many people in pull-ups may not even be able to hang their bodies on the horizontal bar or door frame. Even friends who can pull up will find that the number of pull-ups that can be completed will be less than the number of push-ups.


Which is harder, push-ups or pull-ups?


So I feels that the pull-up is relatively more difficult, not because the skill of this movement is difficult, but because the strength requirements will be higher.

For example, push-ups are to support the ground with both hands and feet, then open the lower body with both hands until the upper arms are parallel to the ground, and then use the chest to push the body back to the initial position. According to the principle of mechanics, there are 4 points to support the ground. Its gravity is evenly distributed, so the strength requirements for the arm are not particularly high. He is supported by the core of the body and the lower body as a whole to complete this action.

Which is harder, push-ups or pull-ups?


But for pull-ups, this action is different. Our body is in a suspended state, and both hands are holding the bar, so the weight of the entire body falls on the two arms. The strength of the hands, the back Strength and grasping ability of the wrist are very demanding. Generally speaking, for beginners, pull-ups are a difficult training movement, and it takes a period of training to do them.



August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary

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