Many friends bought a yoga ball on a whim, and then it was usually regarded as a ball chair, and then reduced to a decoration over time, and finally leaked and disappeared...

In fact, the yoga ball is an artifact for losing weight, shaping and strengthening core strength, and can also exercise balance and improve body coordination.

exercise ball


In addition, you may not know the following "little knowledge points" about yoga balls!

1. For the cleaning and care of the yoga ball, you can first wipe the floating dust on the surface of the yoga ball with a wet towel, then spray the cleaning agent and rotate it to wipe, and then wipe the cleaning agent and dry it naturally.


gym ball


2. The size of the yoga ball should be consistent with the user's height and weight to achieve the best fitness effect.

3. When sitting on the ball, the user's hip height should be slightly higher than or flush with the knee height.


yoga ball chair


4. If the yoga ball is folded for a long time, there may be some wrinkles on the ball after inflation, and it will disappear automatically after the inflation is completed.


exercise ball chair


5. If you want to measure the size of the yoga ball , it must be done after the ball is inflated, and the measurement error is large when it is not full of air. (Circle circumference formula: C=πd)

6. Pregnant women sitting on a yoga ball in the third trimester can open the pelvis, reduce the pain during childbirth, and help childbirth.


yoga ball exercises


Have you got the "little knowledge points" of these yoga balls?


August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary

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