People with fitness will certainly train for their arms. Whether biceps or triceps, they all want stronger and better looking lines. However, few people will train their forearm muscles. In fact, training forearm muscles can improve the endurance of hand muscles, which is helpful to other sports such as basketball and tennis, and even increase their explosive power, Fitbeast today teaches you three ways to exercise your forearm muscles to make your arm more symmetrical!

Use grip

1. Use grip

Don't underestimate the function of the grip. You can make the forearm muscles achieve the training effect through repeated holding and pressing. There are many grip devices that can adjust the number of kilograms. You can gently and slowly increase the training to make the muscles familiar with the training weight. However, don't use too much force during practice. It's not that the more you hold, the better the effect. It's recommended to pause for 3 ~ 5 seconds when pressing to the end, and then release it slowly, Moderate rest should also be taken between each group of movements to avoid muscle and hand injuries.

Swing dumbbells left and right

2. Swing dumbbells left and right

When using dumbbells, you will get used to lifting, bending, flying birds and other movements, which are effective to train body muscles, but you can also use the way of swinging dumbbells to train your forearm. First pick up the dumbbell, straighten your upper arm to form a 90 degree angle with your forearm, and use the power of your forearm and wrist to slowly swing left and right. At this time, you can carefully observe the changes of forearm muscles. Due to the small weight of forearm muscles, don't move too fast and don't do too many times during the initial training, so as not to hurt the joints and muscles.

Roll weight training

3. Roll weight training

Weight rolling training is also very helpful for forearm training. It can improve the lines of forearm muscles and strengthen arm strength. When in use, keep your palms down and your arms flat. Focus on your forearms and slowly roll up the rope tied to the bar. When rolling to the bottom, turn the rope back to the original place in a reverse way. During practice, pay attention to the average rolling speed. Don't quickly put the rope down and up and directly let the bar touch the ground.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast
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