What is the foam roller?

foam roller is a kind of exercise and fitness equipment. People who exercise regularly should know better, but more people in life have never seen or used foam roller, and now foam roller is usually used to lose weight, relax or do rehabilitation exercises.

Benefits of foam rolling every day

People who regularly exercise in the gym will see the foam roller like this. It is also a good fitness tool. It can help us to relieve some of the pain caused by excessive muscle tension or sticky sticky muscles, too poor joint mobility, or lack of flexibility. For the use of foam roller, we may feel some pain when rolling, but after rolling, we will feel the relaxation of body muscles. However, the foam roller is not suitable for all parts of our body. Some parts are relaxed. We can not use the foam roller, that is, the lower back.

The foam roller, also known as the Yoga column, is generally light weight and cushioning elasticity, which can help yoga practitioners complete various balancing exercises. Especially after speed training and long-distance running, the hard legs will be relaxed immediately. Made of high purity EVA material. foam roller can eliminate muscle tension, strengthen core muscle strength, flexibility, so as to achieve the balance of exercise, is an indispensable equipment in modern yoga practice. foam roller not only extends muscles and tendons, but also breaks soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. You can use your own weight and a cylindrical foam roller to self massage and myofascial release, break the trigger point, relieve tension fascia, and increase blood flow and soft tissue circulation.

What is the benefits of foam roller?

1. Relax your muscles

Due to the living habits of modern people, we often need to maintain a body posture for a long time, which will lead to excessive tension in our body muscles. When the muscles are tense, we are very depressed to others, and the foam roller can relax the tense muscles, restore the normal elasticity of the muscles, and enhance the overall temperament.

2. Improve posture

95% of modern people have posture problems, most of which are caused by muscle tension and weakness. At this point, we use the foam roller to relax the tense muscles and restore the body to normal state.

3. Reduce joint pressure

for instance. When the front of our thighs is too tight, the knee joint will be overstretched. Sitting is OK. Once we stand, walk, run and jump, the pressure on our knees will increase. If we relax our tense thighs, the pressure on our joints will naturally be relieved.

4. Core training

Because the foam roller is cylindrical, the body will be in an unstable state when kneading the foam roller. In this case, it can be effectively trained to the core to help us reduce the fat.

5. Activate muscles

During training, we always can't find the force feeling of the target muscle, which is likely due to muscle tension and weakness. Kneading the target muscle with foam roller before training can play a good role in activating the target muscles.

6. Improve metabolism

Every muscle of the human body is a complex "organ", because muscle is composed of muscle fibers, connective tissue, blood vessels, lymph nodes and nerves. When we knead the foam roller, we not only relax our muscles, but also promote blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it will also be massaged to acupoints to dredge the meridians.

7. Enhance the effectiveness of neuromuscular

Because there is a nervous system in the muscle, when the muscle is too tense, the signal transmission of the nervous system will slow down. Many people can't find muscle strength during training. In fact, it is caused by muscle tension. Relaxing with foam roller before training can effectively improve the body's ability to control muscles.

8. Improve flexibility

Friends who understand anatomy know that the human body is divided into many fascia chains, such as the front chain, rear chain, side chain and so on. When we use a foam roller to relax a part of the body, the entire fascial chain will be relaxed, so that it can not only improve the flexibility of the body, but also improve the mobility of joints. When flexibility and joint mobility increase, muscle function can be better played during training.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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