Now, no matter what sports you do, everyone begins to pay attention to the training of core strength. Abdominal rotation and abdominal curling are the training methods we often use when doing core strength training. These two training methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. So which effect do you think is better? 

Which effect is better between abdominal muscle wheel and abdominal rolling? The difference between abdominal rolling and abdominal muscle wheel

Which is better, healthy abdomen wheel or rolling abdomen

Both of them are training movements for abdominal core training. They are good movements in essence. Correct training can achieve good results. The difference is that the starting difficulty of the healthy abdomen wheel may be slightly higher than that of the rolling abdomen. Many novices may not be able to complete it normally, so the adaptability of the rolling abdomen is better than that of the healthy abdomen wheel.

Which effect is better between abdominal muscle wheel and abdominal rolling? 

The difference between abdominal curl and abdominal muscle wheel

Abdominal curling is one of the most common abdominal exercises, and the primary exercise is rectus abdominis. Lie on your back on the cushion with your legs slightly bent and grasp your earlobes with both hands. During exercise, keep the lower waist from leaving the mat, roll the abdomen from outside to inside, move the chest forward and upward to the highest point, and then slowly return to the initial action. Curling abdomen is suitable for most people. The action is simple and has a significant impact on the abdomen.

The main exercise of the healthy abdominal wheel is the rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis. The healthy abdominal wheel exercise is a systemic compound action, so there are many auxiliary muscle groups in the exercise process, such as rotator cuff muscle group, leg muscle, anterior saw muscle, back muscle, etc. The healthy belly wheel can be simply divided into standing posture and kneeling posture, and the kneeling posture is relatively simple. If we have strong abdominal muscles, we can choose the healthy abdominal wheel exercise. Assuming that our strength is small, we suggest not to use it. Because we assist the muscle group to participate too much in the whole exercise process, the abdominal influence is less, and the effect will not be too great. Abdominal curling is suitable for most people. The healthy abdominal wheel needs a certain foundation and abdominal strength. Both can exercise abdominal muscles well. There is no good or bad movement, only the strength and weakness of the practitioner.

Does the novice train the abdominal muscle to strengthen the abdominal wheel or roll the abdomen.

It is better for novices to choose belly curling first. Novices' abdominal strength is weak. If they choose belly strengthening wheel, they may not be able to carry out training at all, because they will not be able to complete one. Of course, you can try kneeling, but many people may still not be able to complete it. Then belly curling may be a better choice to improve their strength level in the early stage and have lower order movements, Make it easier for novices to complete.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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