For many sports, the ability to produce power and energy is very important, especially those competitive competitions that need explosive power. Medicine ball training can be used to improve strength and energy in the combination of physical training and circular training. Specific medicine ball training can also be used as part of an enhanced training program to improve explosive power. Medicine ball training is suitable for all ages, talents, abilities and sports. If an exercise program is to be truly effective, it must match the type of exercise.

Medicine ball 10 training moves

1. One side push ups

For the first action, let's do a push up with one-sided support and complete it with medicine ball. If you want to understand this action more intuitively, you can refer to the picture demonstration we gave you above. Because our medicine ball is a sphere, when you do this action, you must find a balance point and complete the standard training action under the condition of ensuring safety.

You can start from 5 times and slowly add to 15 times. After one side is finished, change to the other side and then do it. Slow down your movement and feel the strength and tension of your upper limbs.

2. Squat vertically

This is a squat. On the basis of squatting, we add a medicine ball to complete it. Do an upward movement of the medicine ball. When the medicine ball falls, don't add extra weight to the medicine ball to keep it in a natural falling state. Above, we have given you a detailed demonstration of actions. If you don't understand, you can see the legend demonstration. When you do this action, the squat action must be standard. If you can't do the squat, practice the squat again and then do this action.

3. Rolling push ups

With the foundation of the first one arm push up, it won't be very difficult for you to complete this action. As shown in the figure, on the basis of one arm push ups, we need to roll the medicine ball to the other side and do it again. If you can't control your center of gravity, practice one-sided push ups first.

4. High lift push ups

Push ups can not only exercise our upper limb strength, but also help us exercise our whole body strength. If you have the foundation of push ups, it should not be very difficult for you to complete this action. Put your feet on the medicine ball, fix your body, don't shake at will, and keep your body in a straight line. Try to bend your body lower and let your chest muscles and upper limb muscles feel the greatest stimulation.

5. Squat high throw

Start in a standing position, stand with your feet as wide as your shoulders, and put the medicine ball between your feet.

Squat down, keep the squat position, pick up the ball, lift the ball to your chest, continue to move the ball to a 45 degree angle, throw it forward with both hands, jump up at the same time, rush to the position where the ball falls to the ground when landing, and then return to the starting position to repeat the action.

6. Smash medicine balls

Start in a standing position, stand with your feet as wide as your shoulders, and put the medicine ball between your feet.

Similarly, squat down and pick up the ball, then stand straight, hold the ball with both hands and lift it up to keep the ball in the back position above the head, then push the hip backward, and throw the ball to the floor with the strength of the core muscle group.

7. Lunge chest pass

Start in a standing position, close your feet together and lift the ball to your chest.

Step your right foot back in a lunge and throw the medicine ball forward (if you move together, throw it to your partner). Then repeat with another foot.

8. Russian swivel

First sit on the ground, bend your knees slightly, and then tilt your body back about 45 degrees.

Place the ball on the right rear of your hips, then turn your upper body back, hold the ball with both hands, and put the ball on the left rear of your hips. At the same time, try to keep your chest straight, don't hunchback, and maintain a natural curve.

9. Lunge to lunge

Start with your right foot forward in a lunge, turn your torso to the side and hold the ball in front of your body.

Step forward with your left foot, turn your body straight ahead and throw the ball forward (or your partner). Maintain posture until the ball bounces back (can face the wall) or wait for your partner to throw the ball back to you.

10. Squat down and smash the medicine ball

Start in a standing position, stand with feet as wide as shoulders, straighten your hands up and lift the ball above your head.

Keep your hands straight, squat at the same time, and then slowly return to the standing position from the squatting position. When you stand completely, throw the ball to the wall (or to your partner).

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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