What are the Benefits of Using a Pull Up Bar?

The benefits of using a pull up bar include:

- Builds strength and muscle tone, especially for back muscles

- Strengthens your core muscles to improve posture and prevent back pain

- Improves overall balance, coordination, and flexibility

- Increases the range of motion in your shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers

Top 10 Best Pull Up Bars for Doorway in the UK

1. RAINYEAR Pull Up Bar for Doorway

RAINYEAR Pull Up Bar for Doorway

Main features:

Adjustable Pull Up Bar: The extendable fitness workout bar with adjustable length for an easy fit in most door frame between 71cm–95cm(27.9"–37.4"), holds up to 330 pounds(150KG).
No Screws&Drilling Installation: You only take minutes to set it up and remove it on the door frame. Do not install the pull up bar between glass, wallpapered or hollowed door.
Comfortable Handgrip: The handgrips are made of soft PVC foam minimize hand pain. With double lock and anti-skid pad for each side can increase the contact area to make it more stable and sturdy.
Multifunction: The chin-up bar is perfect for chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, crunches, triceps dips, leg raises and more. Perfect for your home, garage or office. You don't have to go to the gym.
Extra fitness rings: Including pull up bar & exercise rings.The rings can be used with pull up bars to stimulate children's interest, improve physical fitness, and promote bone development.

2. FitBeast Pull Up Bar for Doorway

FitBeast Pull Up Bar for Doorway

Main features:

  • High Safety, Load-bearing Up to 600lbs. The core of the pull up bar is made of a 1.5mm thick, high-quality steel tube, which can bear a weight up to 600lbs. The bow-shaped design of the supporting feet makes them bear the heavier weight, the stronger the friction. The support surface is increased with a PVC pad with a thickness of 1300μm, which protects the door frame and increases the resistance, preventing the pullup bar from falling off during exercise.
  • Sturdy Mechanical Locking Design, Anti-sliding. Using scientific self-locking principle, the unique hexagonal design of the pull up bar for doorway crossbar, combined with the safety lock devices on both sides, effectively prevents the pull up bar from sliding and rotating during your training, ensuring your safety.
  • None Screws, None Drilling, Easy to Install. Unlike other pullup bar requiring drilling, FitBeast pull up bar is easy to install, with no screws and no drilling. It could be installed on most doorways between 27.6"-37.8". The bidirectional adjustment design can save your installation time while ensuring the force balance. By rotating the bar or the base, both ends of a single rod can be expanded and contracted at the same time, and the length of the single rod can be easily adjusted.
  • Full-covered Hand-Grips, Safe & Comfortable. The surface of the pull up bar is covered with high-density foam, which is durable and non-slip. Effectively avoid calluses and minimize hand fatigue. The pullup bar full-covered soft foam provides extra comfort for your narrow and wide grip workouts. Provide more choices for hand activity space according to your exercise aim.
  • Multipurpose, Provide Professional After-Sales Service. The pull up bar for doorway is very suitable for exercise at home. You can adjust the height of the pull up bar to match different exercises, such as pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, leg stretch, L-shaped sitting, and training strap suspension. We provide single-pole installation tutorials and related training videos. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will solve your problems within 24 hours.

3. AhfuLife Pull Up Bar

AhfuLife Pull Up Bar

Main features:

  •  PUNCH FREE & NO SCREWS: This chin-up bar is designed with two anti-slip devices using high quality silicone pads on both sides, which can firmly adhere to the wall. Keep your doors and walls intact.
  • NEWTON'S THIRD RELIABLE LAW: The wedge design gives you strong support and security. The wedge is the surface on which downward gravity is broken down into two transverse pulls. The harder you pull on this bar, the more stable this pull up bar is.
  • SAFETY LOCKING MECHANISM: The door pull-up bar has a locking mechanism that prevents the bar from loosening and rotating. Once the lock is installed, there will be no more sliding.
  • FLEXIBLE TRAINING BAR: The portable chin-up bar can be easily mounted at different heights and locations for each workout. Convenient disassembly allows setup within 30 seconds, letting you enjoy your exercise anytime.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: You can use this bar for a variety of exercises, including chin-ups, pull-ups, hanging leg raises, sit-ups, crunches and other exercises. This multifunctional smart bar is a must have for home fitness equipment.

4. Senshi Japan The ULTIMATE Stirrup Handle

Senshi Japan The ULTIMATE Stirrup Handle

Main features:

  • PERFECT FOR WEIGHT LIFTING - Whether its cable cross overs, or cable press our stirrup handle will be able to withstand ANY exercise no matter what the weight!
  • FITTED WITH XTRA GRIP RUBBER HANDLE - Our stirrup handle ensures that you will be able to use it at your maximum potential, by eliminating the chances of slipping on the handle you are able to focus more on your workout and isolating your muscles
  • MADE FROM HEAVY DUTY METAL - Our stirrup handle can withstand large amounts of weight, allowing you to work out at your maximum potential at your maximum performance level
  • OUR STIRRUP HANDLE CAN FIT ONTO ANY MULTI GYM OR CABLE MACHINE - Our stirrup handle is fitted with a carabiner hole allowing for almost any carabiner diameter to fit into it
  • 100& MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not happy with your stirrup handle simply send it back to us for a full refund or replacement

5. Sfeexun Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Sfeexun Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Main features:

  • [Sturdy Construction]Made of heavy duty steel for max stability and safety, support up to 450 lbs/200 kg. Surface paint coating to prevent rust and corrosion. The strength training pull up bar for doorway makes the perfect part of your home gym.
  • [Different Grip Distances]According to research and testing, different grip distances can be used to exercise different parts of the muscles. you can perform more kinds of work out such as pull up, chin up, leg raise, push up, sit up, dip, etc. Strengthen your upper body and abdominal.
  • [Less Space]Compared to other pull up bar, you don't need to set up special corners in the room, just a suitable door frame or 2 suitable parallel walls.
  • [Three Styles Are Available]We provide three styles, you can choose to buy, install on the door or install on the wall.
  • [Wall Mounted Requirements]Concrete brick/solid cement wall/solid red brick wall /solid tile wall are a great surface for mounting this pull up bar and dip station. DON'T install on hollow brick wall/honeycomb brick wall/drywall /sandwich panel. Full instructions & all mounting hardware are included.

6. LOPPY Doorway Pull Up Bar

LOPPY Doorway Pull Up Bar

Main features:

  • 2021 UPGRADED STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Newly upgraded thickened steel pipe and high load-bearing structure in March 2021, which is more advantageous than ordinary bars on the market! Load up to 100kg! Sturdy enough for long time use.
  • CUSTOME EXCLUSIVELY COMFORT HANDLES - We have increased the thickness of foam grips provide pull up bar with extra comfort to minimize hand fatigue. Non-slip grip positions to comfortably perform wide, narrow and neutral-grip for safety exercise. Good padding also prevents damage to the door frame during training.
  • NO HARM TO THE DOOR - Uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to door. Can be easily removed without leaving any traces. Suitable for door frame width 60-80cm, door frame thickness 10-16cm, door frame protruding at least 1cm from the wall.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Quick and easy installation. Simple tools included and no other professional tools are needed, and the same problems as other products that are difficult to install or even impossible to install will not occur.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS - It can be hung on a door frame or placed on the floor for push-ups. Ideal for Chin-ups, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Upper body training, Core workout. Great for Muscle building and Strength training.

7.Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

Main features:

  • Portable gym that can be used as a doorway pull up bar or turned over to perform situps, pushups, and dips
  • Padded handles for 3 grips options: close grip, hammer grip and true wide grip pullups
  • When turned over, use padded handles for situps, pushups and dips. Sturdy, 300 pound weight capacity allows for use with weight vests
  • Patented door frame guard and adjustable design securely fits door frames 27 to 35 inches wide
  • Assembled dimensions 15 x 38 x 14, weight 6.2 pounds, one year manufacturer’s warranty

8. SIEBIRD Doorway Pull Up Bar

SIEBIRD Doorway Pull Up Bar

Main features:

  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Door frame pull-up bar
  • Portable Home Gym

9. DOBEN Professional Door Pull-up and Chin-up Bar

DOBEN Professional Door Pull-up and Chin-up Bar

Main features:

  • Pull-up bar the inner tube is made of high strength carbon steel. Stronger than ordinary pull-up bars, not easy to deform, not easy to break and long life. It can withstand a weight of 150 kg and anyone can use it safely. Recommended for everyone, from beginners to advanced muscle training.
  • You can choose a variety of lengths! It is recommended that you measure the length of the area between the environments you wish to install before purchase.85-130cm specification suitable for a safe installation length 88-125cm;
  • The lock has a safety locking function, should the pull-up bar suddenly shorten, there is no need to fear that it will fall from the door frame. The fixed part that comes into contact with the door frame uses a thick hexagonal sliding base. Compared to the round pad, it increases stability and prevents the chin-up bar from falling or crashing down! Does not damage the door frame or walls.
  • Build Your Upper Body Effectively - Train different parts of your upper body according to chest, arms, shoulders, back and purpose, you have the opportunity to build and train muscles in a comfortable and versatile way. Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, dips and more
  • Interior environment in which can be installed: ✔ Cement wall, ✔ Security door, ✔ Solid wood frame door, ✔ Corridor corridor, etc. These environments can be installed with pull-up bars. Non-installable environment: ✘Glass door, ✘Wall wall with wallpaper, ✘Tile wall, ✘Hollow door frame No pull-up single bars may be installed in the above-mentioned various locations in the vicinity !!

10. True Face Door Pull Up Bar

True Face Door Pull Up Bar

Main features:

  • Fitness Bar with Soft Handles; Comfortable grip , multi-function,anti-slip, easy to use
  • Multi-function Exercise Bars; With this push-up bar, home and office become your gym and you can do exercises in a quick way. Therefore, you needn't to go to the gym, especially in the rainy and snowy weather which stops you from going out
  • Designed for the complete upper and lower body workout. This door gym offers a variety of different exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home
  • The pull-up bar is the perfect choice as your 'personal trainer'. It suits anyone who prefers to train at home, indoor or outdoor. You can train and practice the workout to suit your personal goals. You can use the equipment for a variety of fitness programs including chin up, pull up, push up, knee up, leg lifting, and sit up. It can be mounted on the door frame or used on the floor space
  • Adjustable, Ergonomic, Ergonomically Formed Bar, Foam Grips
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Made of material durable and strong
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