There are often two possibilities for the pull-up failure.

1. It's too heavy

If a person's weight is too large, which is far beyond the weight that his arms and back need to bear when pulling up, he will be unable to pull up. This situation is more and more obvious among obese people. In the face of overweight, the best way to solve the problem is to lose weight. Often, when exercising arm muscles can't drive the body, You can only reduce your body weight to a suitable threshold, so you can complete the pull-up.

2. It's just that the arm strength and back muscles are too weak

Too weak basic strength will also make it difficult to do pull ups. Some people neglect exercise on weekdays. It is impossible to cram temporarily at the time of key tests. They can carry out daily exercise. If the arm strength is strong, they can exercise the arm strength through dumbbells and other ways, and the back muscles can also be improved in the same way, such as pulling the back trainer and so on.

pull up bar

Many people are still interested in pull-up. I don't know which parts of the human body can be exercised by this sport? In fact, there are many body parts for upward exercise, including latissimus dorsi, biceps brachii and many muscle groups around scapula. Of course, it also depends on your training method. Generally, when practicing pull-up, it is divided into forehand and backhand. The hand style is different, and the body muscle groups are also different.

Among them, the backhand grip bar is the simplest, which is characterized by the palm facing itself. At this time, if the body wants to hold up, the biceps brachii is the most key, so the backhand grip bar pull-up is one of the best ways to exercise the biceps brachii.

As for the forehand, because the back of the hand is facing itself, when rising, the force point of the biceps brachii is actually dispersed to the latissimus dorsi, triceps brachii and other places. Therefore, we often see that experts are forehand training pull-in upward, because in this way, the effect of training will be much better.

In fact, there is a more rigorous training method, that is to complete the pull-up with one arm. However, the threshold is too high for ordinary people to complete, so the pull-up with one arm can only be exercised in other ways. For example, the training method of right angle bar pull-up with one hand has been relaxed a lot.

It is mainly done with one arm, one pull up, and the other hand is to hold the vertical bar. With both feet off the ground, the abdomen is tightened, and the body is slowly upward, knowing that the head is higher than the pole. In this way, even if a right angle bar is completed, one hand pull up, this training method is suitable for Solo training of muscles in a place. For example, when an arm, some people dislike that their left hand has little strength, Then you may choose this kind of training method to get the best effect.

However, I suggest novices not to try, because there is a certain risk, it is easy to scratch the skin of the hand, or cause muscle strain of one hand.

Finally, what is the most appropriate height between the body and the pole when pulling up?

Under normal circumstances, the pull-up bar should not be too high. If it is too high, it is not friendly to the short, not only it is not easy to grasp it, but also it will give birth to a sense of fear, but it can not be too short. If it is too short, the tall will be very uncomfortable. If each tall person is different, for example, playing the pull-up pole of 1.9 meters and 1.8 meters, he will land on his feet, which has no test effect.

The maximum height is that the pole is 20-30cm higher than your height, which belongs to the height that can be obtained by your skills, because when doing, your legs are bent, so you don't have to worry about landing. Twenty or thirty centimeters more is absolutely enough.


August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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