Tennis elbow is one of the common diseases in orthopedic outpatient clinics, and almost every time you go out of the outpatient clinic, you will encounter two or three cases. It's not a serious illness in itself, but it can make you who are diligent not work hard.

Tennis elbow is not to say that you can only play tennis, but it was first discovered that this disease is more common in tennis players, so it got such a name. But in China, according to my own experience, few of them get it from playing tennis. Mainly focus on the following groups of people:

① Housewives, housekeeping staff

② Newly appointed mother or grandmother

③ Diligent manual workers, the work content is often labor that requires repeated use of the wrist joints.

④Badminton and table tennis lovers

⑤ Photography enthusiasts and fishing enthusiasts

⑥ People who hold the mouse for a long time every day

People with tennis elbow are basically diligent people~

Tennis elbow has been changed in scientific names, from lateral epicondylitis, to extensor tendonitis, to angioproliferative tendinopathy of the extensor carpi brevis and common extensor tendons. It sounds very academic, but it reflects the deepening understanding of the disease in the medical community.

In short, no matter what, for patients, they only need to know whether they have the disease, how they got it, and how to cure it.

tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is often a fixed tender point in the area of ​​X shown in the picture above , which cannot be pressed by hand. Some people also experience radiating pain in the red area, or muscle soreness in the red area.

Of course, nerve entrapment or cervical spondylosis may also cause similar symptoms, but nerve entrapment is uncommon and cervical spondylosis tends to have little to do with wrist movement. If you have the tenderness point of X mentioned above , and you are one of the six groups above, and you have pain in the above area when you twist a towel or stretch your arm and bend your wrist (as shown in the figure below), it is basically a direct diagnosis of tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow

So how does the good end have tennis elbow? According to the latest knowledge, tennis elbow is the degeneration and minor injury of several tendons attached to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus (X in the figure above) under repeated fatigue, use, or trauma. As shown below.

tennis elbow

Clinically, it is mainly divided into three phases.

Phase 1: The patients are basically just beginning to have the disease, the pain is not particularly severe, and it is usually aggravated after doing specific movements or labor, and it can be relieved after a little rest and stopping the labor at hand.

Phase 2: The pain in this stage is longer and heavier than in the previous stage, even when resting and not moving.

Phase 3: If a patient who has developed to this stage is not injured here, then I can only say that you are too diligent and patient. It usually hurts for a long time when not moving, and even affects sleep. Applying ointment, sticking plaster or anything else doesn't help.

Some doctors advocate that the third stage should be surgically treated.

My personal suggestion is that no matter if you are in the first stage, the second stage or the third stage, as long as you want to cure the disease, you should take regular conservative treatment for a few months. If the symptoms are still severe after half a year, consider surgery.

The main conservative treatments are:

① rest

Completely let the painful arm rest, and prohibit any movement that hurts. If you are sick with the camera at the head office, throw the camera far away, if you do housework every day, let your husband do it. If you are a new grandmother who got this disease while holding her grandson, according to my experience, you basically won't listen to anything you say.

②Rehabilitation exercise

Some patients said, "Doctor, didn't you just tell me to rest? Why do I need to exercise again?" Yes, every day is a rehabilitation exercise. Rest is to avoid harmful movements, while exercise is to gently and regularly stretch the tendon, relax the muscle, and promote tendon repair.

Rehabilitation exercise


Do the movements in the picture above slowly, it doesn't matter if it causes slight soreness, and the movements are gentle. 5 times per group, 5-10 groups per day. This is an extensor tendon stretch.

tennis elbow

Either yourself or a family member will give you a daily gentle massage of the muscles and tendons around the sore spot.

tennis elbow

Find yourself a small table, grab a water bottle or other light-weight object, and do this wrist stretch slowly. It is also 10 per group, 5-10 groups a day.

③ Take medicine, anti-inflammatory painkillers. Or smears or plaster.

The pain is so bad that it affects sleep. You can take some painkillers. Etoricoxib, Meloxicam, Voltaren.

If you apply it, use Voltaren ointment, apply it 4-6 times a day, and the range should be large. If your tube of ointment has been used for two weeks, half of it is left. . . You use it as toothpaste, so use that much every time!

④Hot compress.

⑤ The effect of extracorporeal shock wave is OK, go to the hospital.

However, it should be noted that if the tendon rupture caused by trauma, or abnormal redness and swelling, it is still necessary to go to the hospital, or surgery if necessary.

Finally, I wish you a good rest when you take advantage of tennis elbow. Too tired, it's time to take a break. If you continue to work hard, next time, your body may not let you go so easily.

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